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Accounts are only 1/2 the picture

ABM platforms help you prioritize companies, not target people. Enter Primer.

Go deep to find all decision makers

No data provider has complete coverage. That's why we stack them on top of each other.

Reach them on traditional & new channels

Sync audiences to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, CRMs, and beyond.

Results-driven marketers trust Primer

With other data enrichment tools, I’d get 30-40% match rates. With Primer, I got 90% on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Primer really helped us unlock performance marketing. Once we started using it, our CPL decreased by 55% and our MQLs increased by 34%. It was just night and day.

I see Primer as a foundational component for GTM motions more than part of the “martech” stack. It’s our key tool for pushing signal-level data into our workflows."

Ben Pollack

Head of Growth Marketing, ChartHop

Chris Nguyen

Head of Growth Marketing, Air

Adam Daigian

Head of Growth & Revenue Operations, Vouch

10 is better than 1

Integrate all your sources. Get more contacts from the best of the best like ZoomInfo and Apollo

Build the best audiences

Identify all the right people to target. Layer on data points to make them reachable anywhere.

Expand beyond traditional ABM channels

Unlock efficiency by targeting your B2B audience everywhere they live. On LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, email, and more.

Reach your ideal customer everywhere

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One solution. More coverage

See how Primer can supercharge any marketing motion—across the full funnel.

Find new markets

Target cross-channel

Targeted outbound

Data-driven upsell

Segment and personalize

How it works

There’s magic in syncing any B2B dataset with everything in your martech stack.

Connect any source

Primer's unique strength is stacking sources on top of each other.

First-party sources
Third-party sources
Primer data marketplace

Fetch the freshest data

Primer pulls from sources in real-time to make sure audiences have the latest information.

Build audiences

Pull in as many contacts as possible at target accounts.

Engage the exact same prospects everywhere

Deploy each audience across multiple sales & marketing channels.

Optimize and learn

Get insights and hit your growth goals

Multi-channel attribution
Custom reports
Dedicated growth strategists
Extend the power of
with Primer

The missing piece to your ABM strategy is audience reach

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