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Our story

Martech fragmentation and saturation has gone too far.

Our world is flooded with data.

In a perfect world, more data would mean better markets. Products would easily reach the customers that most need them. Buyers would get less spam and find more high-value solutions.

But our world is far from perfect.

Hamstrung by limited ad platforms and an increasingly fragmented yet siloed world of martech tools, GTM teams are forced to jerry-rig their way into scaling a growth engine. They spend hours stitching together data and tools and wasting millions on spray-and-pray campaigns. We think that’s crazy. That’s why we built Primer.

7000+ martech apps to choose from

7000+ martech apps to choose from

9+ data subscriptions per company

9+ data subscriptions per company

$70B annual B2B martech spend

$70B annual B2B martech spend

It’s time for something radically simple and universal

We’re upturning the status quo. We believe every GTM team deserves access to the best data and the flexibility to activate that data anywhere. No more guesswork. No more wasted spend. No more vendor lock-in. But it’s one hell of a data engineering challenge. Our vision is to create a single source of truth that pulls data from any first or third party source. Primer then aggregates, maps, and stores that data—so that users can build hyper-targeted audiences in a single place and push them to any sales or marketing app.

We freakin' love driving real results for our customers

One of our customers from Vouch said it best: “I don’t see Primer as a martech tool. It’s a foundational data layer for our entire GTM.” If this sounds exciting, it’s only the start. Come help us build the future of B2B growth marketing.

We wouldn’t have raised a $145M series B without Primer

Built and backed by growth leaders — for growth leaders

We’ve cut our teeth building and scaling growth engines. Our founding team brings decades of experience driving growth at companies like Dropbox, Modsy, Clearbit, and Verkada.

We’re also lucky to be backed by leading venture firms and over 40+ CMOs and CROs at world-class companies like Segment, Notion, Hubspot, Okta, Figma, Masterclass, and Airtable. In short, we’re a bunch of growth nerds laser-focused on fundamentally transforming the way B2B companies go to market.

A passionate team, driven by values

Experiment, analyze, soar

Deep thinking and big risks go hand-in-hand.

Work flexibly and deliver results

Operate with freedom, but hold yourself accountable.

Be the rising tide

Guide those around you to better outcomes.

Balance empathy with honesty

Say it straight, and say it with kindness.

Supercharge your GTM with better audience data

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