Your targeting
should never be the problem

Don’t be held captive by black-box targeting. Primer removes the guesswork so you’re confident your audience is never the issue.

Now there is an easy way to streamline ABM

Native targeting is a black box that leaves you guessing
You can’t guarantee you’re focusing your budget on the right decision-makers or that the audience you build on one channel is similar to the audience you built on another.
Primer is radically transparent about audience membership
See the specific individuals going into your audiences - on any channel. With high cross-channel match rates, the chance of your audiences being 1:1 goes up dramatically.
Without high fill rates your audiences won’t match cross-channel
The only meaningful identifier you have is a work email. Pixel & IP-based targeting is just getting worse and worse.
Primer has a relentless focus on fill rates that drive identity resolution
Primer stacks data sources to get SUPER high fill rates on key fields that let you match the same person cross-channel.
You can’t break through the noise with limited channels
Most B2B marketers think only 3 channels are efficient: LinkedIn, search, and email. That’s because other channels are built for B2C.
Primer expands B2B targeting to B2C channels so you can reach your ICP everywhere
Primer uses its data depth to expand reach to more channels while keeping you focused on only your key accounts and decision-makers.

What makes Primer special?

Ben Pollack, Head of Growth at Charthop, explains how Primer underpins their entire targeting strategy.

When you know your audience isn’t the problem, you can focus on optimizing conversion

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