Building a growth engine is really hard, especially right now.

Stockpiled stages of building a marketing growth engine - teaser image to introduce Primer advantage

The growth at all costs mentality is gone. You have to be more efficient.

You spend hours trying to be more targeted, cleaning up and merging data.

Cleaning up and merging b2b data records is harrowing | Primer teaser image

You wonder how you're going to hit your goals with fewer resources.

How do we focus on the right people? How do we actually reach them in more places?

How to reach the right people through the right channels - Primer teaser image

And how do we do it efficiently?

Sales and marketing need to target the exact same audience, but Salesforce isn't the right tool to activate your ICP.

Define what Salesforce account would fit your ICP - Primer teaser image

Stop worrying about your targeting.

When you know your audience is ideal on every channel you can focus on the hard work; messaging and creative optimization.

Primer lets you focus your GTM efforts.

The most sophisticated B2B growth engines are built on top of Primer.

key indicators
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High Results
Facebook match rate
Linkedin match rate
Google Search match rate
Work email fill rate
Verified phone fill rate
How much more efficient
could your targeting be?
Calculate the ROI for yourself

More scalable than homegrown solutions

• Instantly usable data

• Combine any source with any tool

• Easy to implement

• No data engineering needed

More flexible than traditional ABM platforms

• Multiple sources of data vs. just one

• Complete ownership of data

• People-level contact records

• Multi-channel deployment

More comprehensive than lead enrichment tools

• Combine multiple B2B datasets

• Build audiences from any source

• Push to any destination

• Dynamic record updates

Reach your B2B buyers
across every channel

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