Building a growth engine is really, really hard.

You string it all together.

Countless Zaps. Vlookups.

You spend hours cleaning lead lists.

You think about scaling.

More ops people. An offshore team. Data engineers?

But is that really the answer?

You need more volume. You need better quality and you need to spend less time on the bullsh*t.

The key to scale is a solid foundation.

Every possible data source gathered in one place. Unparalleled flexibility to deploy it everywhere in your marketing stack. And automation so you can focus on actually growing.

Primer is your single source of truth

The most sophisticated B2B growth engines are built on top of Primer.

Real results that count

Before Primer

After Primer


match rate









reply rate to outbound emails


More scalable than homegrown solutions

• Instantly usable data

• Combine any source with any tool

• Easy to implement

• No data engineering needed

More flexible than ABM platforms

• Multiple sources of data vs. just one

• Complete ownership of data

• People-level contact records

• Multi-channel deployment

More comprehensive than lead enrichment tools

• Combine multiple B2B datasets

• Build audiences from any source

• Push to any destination

• Dynamic record updates

Supercharge your GTM with better audience data

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