Turn targeting
into your competitive advantage

Competitors can copy your messaging but they can’t copy your audience targeting. Convert more customers by reaching your ideal audience in more places.

Primer makes it easy to reach your ICP everywhere

Manage your audiences by funnel stage & channel

Build audiences with incredible flexibility

Combine CRM, CSV, and Primer’s datasets to build broad or incredibly specific audiences.
Choose from popular pre-built templates
Build custom audiences with your CRM and Primer’s filters
in Beta
Build audiences that look like your Salesforce Conversions

Enrich audiences with valuable data

Make decision-makers reachable on more channels by maximizing enrichment
Include dozens of fields in your output
Optimize work email & phone number fill rates with Primer’s proprietary enrichment waterfalls
Validate audience composition down to the individual level

Sync audiences to all major inbound/outbound channels

Surround sound your ideal customers by syncing the same audience to every channel
Deploy ad audiences to Meta, LinkedIn, and Google
Choose to maximize paid social match rates
Enrich existing Salesforce records or auto-create new Accounts & Contacts

Prove results with revenue attribution

See the impact of your audiences on pipeline and revenue
in Beta
See how many opportunities are associated with an audience
Check if audience performance is trending up or down
Compare audiences against each other to pick winners
Built to scale
Built with privacy in mind
Primer is GDPR and CCPA compliant. We take extra steps to ensure PII is protected.
Secure by design
Primer is SOC 2 Type I certified. We anonymize, encrypt, and safeguard your data.
Guided by growth experts
Collaborate with a dedicated growth strategist to adjust your audience strategy and iterate.

Reach your B2B buyers
across every channel

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