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How a Martech Company Nearly Doubled Outbound Revenue with Primer

Customer acquisition is the lifeblood of pretty much any business, from the pizza place on the corner to the financial services behemoth straddling the globe. Even companies in the business of customer acquisition need to acquire customers. But as any marketer will tell you, B2B customer acquisition is hard work.

That was the pain that one consumer retargeting firm felt deeply. Their patented technology was working wonders helping B2C companies land more customers, but they needed help landing qualified prospects.

Filling the Pipe

To solve this problem, they hired an SDR (sales development representative) team that was tasked with landing meetings with qualified outbound leads.

The company’s marketing team had identified that their most successful leads typically came from high-volume B2C businesses with an average order value of $75 or more.

But to get meetings with this very specific customer persona, the team had to jump through many hoops to qualify a lead. First, a team member would use a web analytics tool to figure out monthly traffic volume as the first step in qualifying leads. Next, they’d visit the company website to find the threshold for free shipping, which they used as a proxy for average order value. Then, they’d pass these leads over to the SDR team for outbound outreach.

The process wasn’t scalable.

That was when their digital ad agency referred them to Primer.

“Getting a fresh audience was a major challenge for us. Primer solved that.”

With Primer, the manual process became quickly automated – and then some. The Primer team was quickly able to translate their complex ICP into data signals that were used to build a high-performing, highly qualified audience in an automated way.

The contacts were further enriched with additional data points, enabling a high match-rate audience for paid ads.

The results were almost immediate. “In six months, Primer more than doubled the SDR team’s meetings, and is the sole source of their wins for the year,” says the company’s Marketing and Sales Ops Director. “Getting a fresh audience was a major challenge for us. Primer solved that,” she says.

Dollars and Sense

To put things into perspective, the company credits Primer with almost doubling the SDR team’s 2022 revenue compared to the prior year.

“We’re seeing real performance from the Primer leads. Even when we had an existing business development relationship with a lead, we would lose track after multiple job changes. Primer delivered new contact information, and that was the key that unlocked the win, ” she says.

“How often can you flip the switch on a new tool and see it take off practically overnight?”

The Marketing and Sales Ops director sums it up: “It’s been a dramatic change, in the best possible sense. We started the year plodding along, landing a meeting here, a meeting there.

“We bring on Primer, we skip over a ton of unqualified leads, and start getting meetings. We spent less time working leads that were never going to go anywhere, and started putting our efforts into qualified leads. And the payoff has been tremendous. How often can you flip the switch on a new tool and see it take off practically overnight?”

“Primer has earned its keep,” she says, adding with a laugh, “We’ll never do outbound the old way again.”

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