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Give your clients unparalleled Instagram, YouTube, Google Display, and Facebook targeting – and elevate their LinkedIn and search performance too.
Agencies grow their business with Primer
Acquire more clients
Advertise to potential clients across channels
Increase client ROAS
Squeeze more juice from ad budgets with better targeting
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What’s included

Easy account set up
Create sub-accounts to easily connect your client's ad accounts and CRMs, and manage their users.
20% discount
Pass savings onto your clients or capture more recurring revenue for yourself. The choice is yours.
Customize targeting to fit your client’s ICP
Use filters from Primer to replicate your clients ICP and sync it as custom audiences to Meta, Google, and LinkedIn
Set up CRM-retargeting audiences
Reconstruct Salesforce reports in Primer to turn your client’s entire CRM into effective ad audiences across all paid social channels.
Dedicated support
You’ll have access to a dedicated Slack channel. Our team will provide customer support and resources to aid in your success.

Why agencies love Primer

“We had unbelievable match rates on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. First we unlocked targeting for ourselves. Then for our customers. It blew us away.”
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