How UserGems Uses Primer to Accelerate Deals and Achieve a 31% Higher Win Rate
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How UserGems Uses Primer to Accelerate Deals and Achieve a 31% Higher Win Rate

Isaac Ware, Director of Demand Gen, at UserGems, was facing a growing problem: sales cycles were getting longer as deals became more complex. Opportunities frequently involved multiple decision-makers across business units, complicating the sales process. Isaac needed to find a way to engage these cross-functional buying committees earlier to accelerate revenue growth.

The Problem: Sales Cycles Slowed by Buying Committees

UserGems’ deals increasingly required input from multiple executives beyond the primary buyer. These buying committees consisted of various influencers like Rev Ops, Marketing, Sales, and Finance.

Sales was doing heroic work trying to leverage UserGems’ data to involve multiple buyer personas. But sales cycles were dragging thanks to the broader market conditions. 

We wanted to accelerate the sale cycle.

As buyers relied more on group consensus, Isaac saw an opportunity. He knew marketing could step up to build awareness and familiarity among these key deal influencers through hyper-targeted ad campaigns.

The Hypothesis: Proactive Committee Engagement

Isaac hypothesized that targeted ad campaigns exposing buying committees to UserGems’ messaging when opportunities opened could accelerate deals. This “always on” approach would allow marketing to complement sales’ multi-threading at scale.

We saw across the board 67% more prospects involved in deals. And because of that, we saw 31% higher win rates on those 25% bigger deal sizes and 17% shorter sale cycles.
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The Solution: Automated Buyer Committee Ad Targeting

Isaac built a framework to continuously sync buying committee contacts into active LinkedIn campaigns:

  • They pulled in open opportunities and associated contacts from Salesforce to Primer.
  • These buying committee contact lists were automatically pushed into LinkedIn audiences via Primer with a 70%+ match rate
  • When deals became active, customized ads were served to these dynamically updating audience segments

With this automated process, marketing could provide helpful awareness and air cover as sales reps worked through the complex committee process.

The Impact: 17% Faster Deals and 31% Higher Win Rates

The proactive buying committee approach paid dividends in accelerated deal cycles:

  • Opportunities exposed to ads saw 67% more engaged buying committee prospects
  • Deals with ad exposure achieved a 31% higher win rate
  • Closed deals benefitted from 25% larger deal sizes
  • Buying cycles were 17% faster on average

By coordinating multi-touch ad campaigns across teams, UserGems successfully streamlined sales cycles through scalable, automated committee engagement.


Automating buying committee ad campaigns enabled UserGems’ marketing team to close complex, consensus-driven deals faster. The continuous process alleviated sales workload and accelerated revenue growth through expanded deal influence.

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