Announcing Our $12M Series A Fundraise
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Announcing Our $12M Series A Fundraise

What we're hoping to achieve with our cash infusion.
Keith Putnam-Delaney
Updated on
May 7, 2024
Published on
December 11, 2022
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Today we’re excited to share that Primer has raised $12M in Series A funding led by Craft Ventures with support from Slack Fund and Salesforce Ventures. We’re also welcoming angel investors from Dropbox, Figma, HubSpot, Notion, and Masterclass — marketing operators who understand the urgent need for our product having experienced the pains themselves.

Having spent years building growth engines at B2B companies, we are deeply familiar with the fragmentation in the martech space. There are more than 8,000 martech tools to choose from today.

Yet, B2B marketers spend hours stitching together spreadsheets and jerry-rigging apps just to be able to reach their audience. The result is more time spent on operational complexities and less time spent on actually understanding their target market; what should be most important often becomes the least.

By the way, check out our article explaining why data-driven B2B marketing is the thing now and why ignoring data enrichment is a no-do.

We started Primer so that sales and marketing teams have the technological foundation and data flexibility to put their audience at the center of their go-to-market.

Martech Is Failing Marketers

The first step in this journey is the democratization of data. While it’s easier than ever for product teams to centralize customer data, marketers are still left with a hodgepodge of data subscriptions, Salesforce reports, spreadsheets and vlookups.

With Primer, users can access billions of data points from more than a dozen data sources in a single place. They can pipe that data into any app at any time, reaching their ideal customer across every marketing and sales channel. Businesses that use Primer see an average of 5x higher conversion.  The KPIs achieved by ChartHop in their multi-channel lead gen strategy speak for themselves.

Source: sayprimer.com

“In the same way that Salesforce created a system of record for all account data, Primer can become the system of record for all marketing data,” said Mike Marg, Partner, Craft Ventures. “We invested in Primer because they have the team, product, and traction to make this vision a reality. They spent years solving this exact problem at the world’s fastest growing companies.”

Customer acquisition is getting harder, not easier. It requires constant pivots and experimentation. The best B2B growth teams are in a state of continuous evolution, regularly shifting strategies while keeping their audience front and center. When they hit diminishing returns on one platform, they pivot to another. Maxed out ad spend? They focus on increasing conversions through more personalized nurture. Expanding to new product lines? They experiment into new segments using additional data points. But this type of continuous learning is nearly impossible to do without a single source of truth. That’s where Primer comes in.

How Primer Works

Our platform orchestrates multiple first and third party data sources to create the world’s largest B2B marketplace of unified and usable data. Customers leverage this wealth of data to build hyper-targeted audiences, which can then be activated in any destination — from CRMs to ad platforms. These data sets can be additionally enhanced with data points that make activation in other apps even more effective. This is what data enrichment actually stands for – you target tighter audiences with specific requirements that your product or service perfectly satisfies.

Over time, Primer becomes the foundational data layer through which all subsequent GTM iterations become easier.

Fast-growing business software companies like Rippling, Air, Vouch, Carta, and Verkada all rely on Primer to power their sales and marketing efforts. We’ve seen usage grow exponentially this year, with more than 16M new records a day flowing through Primer. “We would not have been able to raise our Series B round without Primer,” says Brandon Camhi, Director of Growth at Rippling.

The Road Ahead

We believe that the future of marketing is actually a step back to the fundamentals. Every product marketer and product manager knows that the customer is at the center. But growth, demand gen, and sales leaders have never had the tools, the platform, or the flexibility to turn their insights into a living, breathing, data-centric view of every company, decision-maker, and influencer in their TAM.

To that end, we plan to use this new infusion of funds to continue making our product more intuitive, and to increase the breadth and depth of our data sources and destinations. We will also be rolling out new features to help teams more intelligently know which audiences to activate, where, and for what ROI. Additionally, we plan to further expand our team across engineering, product, and go-to-market.

As we add new customers, integrations, and employees, Primer is on a mission to help businesses achieve more, faster — by making sales and marketing motions more efficient and effective. The road ahead is exciting. Join us in building the future of B2B growth.

Why Primer?

The whole idea behind Primer is to assist growth marketers in identifying and reaching high-value prospects. Now that Primer is running at full strength, you can leverage it to target and captivate more sales-fit, high-intent prospects building your customer success history from this day.

Check out the live demo to learn exactly how Primer works.

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