The magic of good data, operationalized everywhere


Plug any source, app, or channel into Primer.


Build larger, hyper-targeted audiences.


Send audiences to any inbound or outbound channel.


Get multi-channel insights and attribution.

Connect everything

Integrate your stack

Primer brings together B2B data from all your martech tools and platforms, from Salesforce to Snowflake.

Organize your data

Primer makes your data instantly usable by dynamically mapping and reconciling it across platforms.

Build anything

Access the largest B2B dataset

Build audiences using the most comprehensive database of first- and third- party data. Pick any source as your foundation: CRM, a CSV, or our data providers.

Pinpoint your ideal company

With thousands of filters and attributes to choose from, you have endless options for how to identify best-fit prospects.

Find more decision-makers

Reach the right contacts at target companies using hyper-specific filters like title, tenure, and team size.

Activate anywhere

Choose the right platforms

Predict audience reach and performance before spending a dime. No more flying blind.

Unlock B2C channels

Primer enriches your dataset for each ad channel, resulting in industry-high match rates on FB, IG, and others.

Dynamically enrich your CRM

Primer updates audience data in near real-time. Which means that your CRM is constantly auto-enriched with the latest data needed for personalized upsell, nurtures, and more.

Deploy cross-channel

Reach your hyper-targeted audience in any and every channel with a few clicks. Get super efficient with your ad spend.

Learn and iterate

Get cross-channel attribution

Get true cross-channel insights when you see exactly who from your audience converted on each channel.

Understand what works

Test and learn which data attributes are most effective – like fundraising or new headcount. Easily iterate and find the secret sauce that fuels your growth.

The most comprehensive source of B2B data

We partner with the best data providers in the industry. Get access to a universe of data, all the way down to personal email addresses.


companies with funding


companies actively hiring for remote workers this week


jobs posted in the last 7 days


DTC/ ecommerce stores


websites tracked for technologies


websites tracked for traffic volume


websites tracked for traffic volume


verified email addresses


online identities

Verified data

Neverbounce-verified emails

Lob-verified direct mail addresses

Validated direct dial phone numbers

Supercharge your GTM with better audience data

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