Primer vs. Metadata

Match Rates and Use Cases Comparison

Match rate is the deciding factor for how well you can reach your audience

With other data enrichment tools, I’d get 30-40% match rates. With Primer, I got 90% on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Ben Pollack

Head of Growth Marketing, ChartHop

Chris Nguyen

Head of Growth Marketing, Air

Adam Daigian

Head of Growth & Revenue Operations, Vouch

With Primer, you'll get 20-40% higher match rates

Facebook Match Rates
LinkedIn Match Rates
Data sources
Channels for audience activation
Data Ownership and export
Key focus
Analysis of your closed-won deals to create data-driven ICP
Audience targeting
Audience data use
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12+ best in class B2B data sources including ZoomInfo, Apollo, and People Data Labs, that when stacked on top of each other allow for deep & broad coverage.
Hundreds of filters, including filtering by revenue, funding, and company’s current marketing activities (i.e., followership change), and more.
10+ channels, including:
  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Gsheets
  • Outreach
Full data ownership:
  • Push the audiences to ad platforms
  • Send the data to CRM
  • Export audiences to CSV (no continuation)
Audience targeting
Advanced/niche enrichment
Hyper-specific audience targeting
Sync your audience into:
  • Ad platforms
  • CRM
  • Export as CSVs
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(~ 40% less)
(~ 20% less)
  • Static, proprietary "black box" database
  • Only underlying data sources revealed are Kickfire, PeerSpot, and LeadSift (аccording to Metadata’s website)
15 available audience types with filters depending on the type you’ve selected.
4 channels:
  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
No data ownership
  • Data restricted to Metadata platform
  • Can't export data from the platform
Paid campaigns automation
Basic enrichment
Basic audience targeting
Digital asset management
Use your audiences to manage campaigns through the Metadata platform:
  • Campaign management across FB and LinkedIn
  • Campaign experimentation
  • Budget controls
  • Campaign reporting
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