Make cold email more inviting

People are much less likely to reply to brands they don’t know. Why not ensure you only go outbound to decision-makers that have seen your ads?
Watch how powerful 1:1 ads & outbound can be
Watch how powerful 1:1 ads & outbound can be
Watch how powerful 1:1 ads & outbound can be
Primer makes it easy for ad audiences & outbound lists to be 1:1
Build brand exposure through ad audiences
Transform the ad audience into an outbound list
See a lift in open, reply rates, and conversion rates

Turn your ad audience into sales-ready contacts in minutes

Build your ICP audience & serve it ads
Create an audience that looks like an ICP segment, sync it to Meta, LinkedIn and Google, and serve ads.
See how it works
Narrow your audience down
Duplicate the ad audience and make it more focused. Choose to exclude all existing Salesforce contacts and/or narrow it down to only the most senior titles.
Enrich with email & phone
Add in Neverbounce-checked work emails & verified mobile phone numbers so your sales team can get in touch.
Feed sales new contacts
Sync new Contacts directly into Salesforce or export the audience as a CSV and hand it off to RevOps.
Measure the lift in outbound performance
Compare the ads + outbound conversion rate vs. outbound-only. You’ll see a difference.

Why Sales teams love Primer contacts

Ben Pollack, Head of Growth at Charthop, explains how Primer underpins their entire targeting strategy.
With Primer, you never worry if your 
targeting is the problem
No blackbox
Know exactly who your ads are reaching when you can see who’s in your audience.
More confidence
Stop guessing on what to optimize. It won’t be your audience. It will be your content and copy.
Extra guidance
Primer’s team of growth strategists are here to help with recommendations and advice.
Primer powers todays top GTM teams

With other data enrichment tools, I’d get 30-40% match rates. With Primer, I got 90% on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

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Primer really helped us unlock performance marketing. Once we started using it, our CPL decreased by 55% and our MQLs increased by 34%. It was just night and day.

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I see Primer as a foundational component for GTM motions more than part of the “martech” stack. It’s our key tool for pushing signal-level data into our workflows."

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Ben Pollack from ChartHop | Testimonial avatar image
Chris Nguyen from Air | Testimonial avatar image
Adam Daigian from Vouch | Testimonial avatar image

Ben Pollack

Head of Growth Marketing, ChartHop

Chris Nguyen

Head of Growth Marketing, Air

Adam Daigian

Head of Growth & Revenue Operations, Vouch

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