Account-based marketing with
6sense + Primer

6sense matches anonymous and known buyer behavior to accounts.
Primer turns these accounts into actionable audiences.

Cross platform targeting
  • ICP analysis for sales & marketing alignment
  • Actionable audiences
  • 12+ data sources for advanced enrichment
  • 300+ filters for cross-platform audience targeting
Revenue AI™ for Marketing
  • Website de-anonymization
  • 3rd party buying signals at the keyword or topic level
  • Account prioritization
  • Account engagement
Different tools with different purposes
Real results that count

With other data enrichment tools, I’d get 30-40% match rates. With Primer, I got 90% on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Primer really helped us unlock performance marketing. Once we started using it, our CPL decreased by 55% and our MQLs increased by 34%. It was just night and day.

I see Primer as a foundational component for GTM motions more than part of the “martech” stack. It’s our key tool for pushing signal-level data into our workflows."

Ben Pollack

Head of Growth Marketing, ChartHop

Chris Nguyen

Head of Growth Marketing, Air

Adam Daigian

Head of Growth & Revenue Operations, Vouch

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Extend your ABM strategy to every destination
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See improvements in reach, email engagement, and cost-per-lead efficiency
match rates
CVRs on accounts where ads and cold emails are synchronized
CVR on a minimum spend

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