Assembling a Budget-Friendly Alternative to 6sense's B2B Prospecting
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Assembling a Budget-Friendly Alternative to 6sense's B2B Prospecting

In this article, we’ll walk through assembling a “6sense-lite” toolkit.
Primer team
Updated on
April 26, 2024
Published on
January 25, 2024
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Putting together a budget 6sense alternative is about mashing up some key ingredients: solid B2B prospecting data, visibility on who's visiting your site, custom firmographic scoring, and ways to get in front of your best accounts across channels. As the 2nd most bought software last year, 6sense has a crazy high price tag that leaves a lot of marketers looking for more wallet-friendly options.

In this article, we’ll walk through assembling a “6sense-lite” toolkit using Apollo for B2B prospecting data, Koala for website traffic, Keyplay for custom account scoring, and Primer for multichannel outreach. Combining these tools with your CRM gives you a modern data-fueled go-to-market playbook focused on how B2B buyers navigate their journey nowadays. Let's check out how each piece can up your sales game.

Prospect with Apollo for Cost Effective Core Data

As the base for prospecting efforts, Apollo serves up quality data to ID target accounts and buyer contacts without breaking the bank. Unlike Zoominfo's info-packed records, which care more about complete data than accurate data, Apollo offers a budget-conscious choice for early-stage companies’ B2B prospecting.

With detailed firmographics and buying committee contacts to enable precise ICP segmentation, Apollo equips sales to streamline outreach. The ability to filter and export dynamic lead lists helps reps personalize messaging and trace campaigns back to pipeline influence. No data set is flawless, but Apollo strikes a balance between coverage and accuracy to tap into net new opportunities based on your ideal customer.

Take notice of our ICP best practices to maximize the outcome of using Apollo and enhance your ICPs continuously.

Identify Website Visitors with Koala

Getting insight into who's visiting your digital real estate is vital for connecting with accounts showing interest. That's where Koala comes in, building on Clearbit Reveal's data to reveal site traffic beyond what analytics provide.

Rather than relying on cookies, Koala's approach lets you identify up to 10K monthly visitors based on IP addresses, even in our post-cookie world. The tool not only reveals who's hitting your site but also generates intent scores tied to pages visited to gauge where accounts are in their journey. Koala's upcoming marketing dashboards will let you slice and dice traffic data to attribute visits to campaigns for optimizing Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), which is critical in B2B with long sales cycles.

So Koala delivers rich intent signals based on activity to complement Apollo's firmographic account and contact data. With this 360-degree view, sales can prioritize outreach to hot B2B prospects by engaging with content that maps to their challenges. And the granular visibility enables detailing multitouch attribution when combined with campaign tracking.

Score Accounts with Keyplay

To build on Apollo and Koala's intent and interest insights, Keyplay allows the creation of customized account scoring models through extensive filters and attributes. Perfect for honing in on software companies, Keyplay ingests ratings, reviews, and other buzz to incorporate into account scoring.

Beyond firmographic and intent signals of basic B2B prospecting, this qualitative layer helps determine an account's readiness and capacity. Features like dynamic peer grouping equip the scoring algorithm also to rate an account against competitors. The ability to adjust weighting on scores offers flexibility as market conditions or priorities shift.

With Apollo and Koala providing a breadth of data, Keyplay offers depth to identify lookalike targets that resemble your best customers. Rather than over-relying on outdated attributes, custom scoring algorithms keep your model aligned with the evolving profile of your ideal buyer.

Outreach Across Channels with Primer

Armed with rich account intelligence from Apollo, Koala, and Keyplay, Primer enables engaging ICP matches across multiple touchpoints. Rather than isolated outreach, Primer orchestrates multichannel campaigns from a central workflow.

By integrating siloed channels like email, ads, chatbots, and calling, Primer converges the right message with the right account at the right time. Flows can be triggered to deploy chat sequences or targeted ads when a prospect hits key pages. And lead intake forms populate profiles for immediate follow-up across devices.

Primer’s seamless Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) connections unite engagement data to inform the next best action within an intelligent journey. Beyond simplifying cross-channel coordination, these customer-centric experiences boost relevance and response. Unified analytics provides comprehensive visibility into performance for continuous optimization toward an account’s buying signals.

Glue Together with CRM for Data-Driven Motion

The connective tissue binding Apollo, Koala, Keyplay, and Primer together is your CRM, creating a consolidated 360-degree view of target accounts. Rather than operating in data silos, your CRM centralizes firmographic, intent, and engagement signals from across these marketing and sales technologies.

This unified intelligence powers data-driven B2B prospecting, account selection, contact prioritization, and campaign personalization. Dynamic lead lists instantly update CRM records to trigger tailored multichannel plays for key targets exhibiting traction. Custom scoring algorithms can auto-assign tiered lead ratings to focus sales efforts on accounts poised to convert.

Together, this modular stack aligns go-to-market orchestration to how modern B2B buyers evaluate solutions. Uniting rich data, personalized outreach, and cross-channel experiences offer an augmented yet more accessible alternative to all-in-one suites. The integrated Martech and Salestech approach follows the buyer’s journey to boost pipeline yield and accelerate growth.

User Primer to Supercharge Your Growth

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